FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

In this section you will find all frequently asked questions.

Are the cars insured?

Yes, all our cars have mandatory comprehensive insurance for your maximum protection.

Exclusion of warranty: It turns out that driving with a blood alcohol level higher than the authorized limit constitutes an exclusion of legal guarantee just like the consumption of narcotics. This term means that it is in no way negotiable and that insurance companies absolutely cannot cover or compensate for damage resulting from a claim caused by an alcoholic motorist.

What are the payment methods for car rental services?

You can pay in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer.

How to rent a car?

You can rent a car by simply clicking on the home button in the menu or by calling the +590 690 664 000. +590 690 664 000. If you choose to book a car online, you will receive your confirmation voucher for your booking.

Can I change car after booking?

Yes. If you wish to modify or cancel your car reservation after it has been approved, please call to +590 690 664 000 +590 690 664 000 or modify using your reservation number directly on the page "Change my booking"

Where can I pick up the car from and where do I have to return it?

You can pick up the car at different addresses on the island. We can deliver the car to you at the location of your choice. The car can be returned to a location other than pick up for an additional charge, this is optional when booking.

What should I do if the car breaks down or has an accident?

If your car breaks down or has an accident, call us immediately to +590 690 664 000

When can I contact you?

You can call us 7/7 by phone number. +590 690 664 000 or by email via the contact form

Is there a road map in the car?

No, but most of our cars have optional GPS at no extra cost.
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